Date     Cig Butts    Bottles & Cans    Sleeper   Other                                  Program & Attendance

6/21        7                      1

6/22      14                     3                                      tons of cookies/crumbs

6/23      9                      2                                                                                       Wild & Native: 3A

6/24       21                                                             bottle cap, wads of gum        Bird Banding: 9A, 5K

6/25       3                                                                                                                Art & Nature :5A, 8K




June 22: Sunday, Meg called with the news that damage had been sustained on the east "running" step of the Pavilion. An 18 inch section between supports of the curved step/seat had been broken through. Temporary repair was made. Also, red sharpie graffiti was on the plexiglass of the OVF kiosk.  

June 23: Monday - Garden planting with Grade 4. 8/10 of students attended (last day of school) First time out with new program Wild & Native, a wild flower walk that focuses on plant ecosystems of BI; discussion of "native", "invasive", "naturalized" plants; selecting the wildflower of the week, and flower pressing, etc. This day we chose Multiflora rose as the flower of the week and we pressed arrow wood, sorrel and ????. Email addresses are collected so that the compilation of the summer's weekly beauties can be shared with the whole season of participants in a rudimentary version of Pavilion plant check list. 

June 24: Tuesday - Pavilion clean. Field not due to be mowed by Rick Vila until after Wednesday, therefore no tent set up, instead we perched the Bird Banding program at the north end of the pavilion. A low key version of this always enjoyed program. Again this year we have Yale student (Malia Caprio) and field assistant (Bridgett ) removing ticks as a side part of the program. Folks are very interested in their research relative to ticks, Lyme and other tick born diseases, and deer. Also, delighted to see Erica Simkin (soon to be 13) back for a 5th year helping with birds and OVF programs.

June 25: Pavilion clean. Field was being mowed by Rick Villa when I arrived for Art & Nature. Nice program with Lucy Rigby-Leather assisting. Still life = bottle with multi flower rose and blackberry blossoms, and live model = baby painted turtle.