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Ocean View gratefully accepts donations via check.

Our mail address is: P.O. Box 291 Block Island, RI 02807.

Donate a Tree

As part of the Ocean View Foundation's goal of presenting and maintaining the Pavilion site as a place of beauty and rest for Island residents and visitors, a landscape plan for the site has been developed.

In addition to our new Osprey platform and the rustic, interpretive signage, future planting will further enhance the site by providing shade, visual buffers, habitat and erosion control.

This is an opportunity to join us as stewards of this site by donating and dedicating a tree. Each planting will be commemorated with a photo and acknowledgement, identified on a site map at our information kiosk, and publicly acknowledged at the annual Earth Mother's Day & Pavilion Celebration event.

To learn more about the Donate a Tree Program and stewardship at the Pavilion site, contact Ocean View Foundation Director, Kim Gaffett, at 401-466-2224 or

Grade 4 gardeners put up their scare crows
Grade 4 gardeners put up their scare crows