Iceland: Day 3

A morning of continued high winds had us taking an alternate route - a bit longer but that was ok. Besides meeting an amazing local fellow who turned a lost fishing community around by reimagining it as a spot for a herring fisheries industrial museum we saw wonderful view of ... Lava landscape & snow, fiords and mountains.

And the "waterfall of the God" - Godafoss. Loved the story behind this naming, when in the year 1000, Christianity was declared the "state" religion, relics depicting pagan gods were cast over the falls by the law speaker (head of governing parliament at the time). I wonder if this was the last peaceful religious debate within any nation. Although Christianity was declare the official religion, pagans were not prosecuted for practicing their rituals privately. This situation is not unlike current day acceptance of all religions, while the Lutheran church is acknowledged as the State religion.

Also, the best explanation of plate tectonics that I have ever heard. Learned that Iceland is actually an above water extension of the mid-Atlantic Ridge, and that Iceland is growing land mass as the two tectonic plates that Iceland straddles, is separating at a rate of about 2 centimeters per year. As the only country growing Iceland may one day be the largest and most powerful country in the world - all with out a military. Peace. 



Godafoss - waterfall of the Gods