Preparing for the Masses

I arrived on the Block on Monday, June 9th. I quickly moved into my summer abode and felt right at home. The sun was barely visible between the blankets of fog that encase this little oasis. I was given a day to settle in.

The next morning I awoke to a cacophony of songbirds outside my window. Instinctively, I got ready for the day. My first task - Breakfast. I was to meet Kim at Bethany's Airport diner (one of the best places to grab breakfast in all of New England.) We ordered, ate, and subsequently went over the week's comprehensive schedule. In addition to each day's activities I was assigned weekly tasks.

The first and my personal favorite, "Explore Block Island and generate questions." Ask and you shall receive! It was so much fun to get reacquainted with the island. Since I have been summering here since I was a little girl, I believed that I knew every inch of the island like the back of my hand. I rapidly realized this was not the case.

My second task was to research and retain knowledge about the Ocean View Hotel and the natural history of Block Island. Luckily, my home was equipped with a variety of books to assist me in accomplishing this feat. Each one of these books I highly recommend (although I have only been through about half of them!) The most informative, in my opinion, The Outer Lands (its in the middle of the stack). It does a fantastic job of outlining the ecology and nature of the New England coastal flora and fauna.

A little light reading. Getting prepared to be inundated by tons of questions! Ask away!!

A little light reading. Getting prepared to be inundated by tons of questions! Ask away!!

All in all, my first few days have been amazing! Already I have learned so much. I can't wait until next week when Kim and begin the prep-work for all of the fantastic weekly programs.

Until next time,